Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dave of MPH has more spyshots, this time it's the Edge crossover

Dave over at MPH Online, sent me a link to his spyphotos of the new Ford Edge. Here is the concept photo I've posted before, click the link to see the spyphotos. Now this is being reffered to as the Edge and I know it's based on the Mazda6/Crossport, but I believe when it comes to production it may be called the FreeStyle. I believe it's going to replace the current FreeStyle based on the Volvo S80/XC90. This same architecture may be under the Fairlane if that ever makes it to produciton.

This is a sharp design, very similar to the Mazda Crossport and Lincoln Aviator concepts. Can't wait to find out more about this. But how many crossover suvs does Ford need?

Let's see FreeStyle, MetaOne, Escape, Mariner, Aviator, Edge, Fairlane, is that all of them?
Expedition, Explorer, Mountaineer, Navigator, I think Ford has trucks covered, when are we going to see some other vehicles? Oh, I almost forgot the new Bronco/EcoSport, and the stretched Expedition.


Anonymous said...

Based on? It looks like they just changed the front clip. The rest of the body lines are almost mirrors.

Nice but would by the origional ,,,Zoom Zoom


Big Ford Fan said...

Zoom Zoom my ass, if it wasn't for Ford, Mazda would be a fond memory.
With Ford's direction, Mazda has come back from the brink of disaster. Buy what you want, but this is a Ford site, keep the Zoom Zoom to yourself.

And just for the record, I find that stupid song so anoying. Mindless repetative garbage.