Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Financial factors put off purchase until early spring

A number of Finacial concerns have caused me to postpone the purchase of my new Mustang. Hurricane Katrina's effects will be felt by many of us Americans, with higher gas prices, but also with increased utility prices over the next few months. I have the added stress of knowing that the facility that I work at is up for sale again. So with the uncertainty of the future, I am delaying my purchase until after the new year begins. Assuming things are stabilized at work I will be able to save a little more and possibly upgrade from the Pony V6 Mustang to either a GT or a Pony Convertible. So while I'm not thrilled about waiting, if all works out I will get more than I had intended, especially thanks to one new friend who has extended to me the X-plan discount.

I'm leaning towards the Convertilbe, as I've never had one and my midlife crisis is scheduled for next year. What do you think? And color choices for Convertible, any ideas ? I could go with the Windveil Blue and Parchment or the tripple black. Feedback appreciated.


Ben K said...

Go the convertible! The slight reduction in practicality is offset by the extra fun.

I have had no finer driving experience than in my old MGB. Driving through the city with the roof down was always fun and a Sunday drive with my sweetie was always a treat.

Just ensure that you have the roof down more often than not -- otherwise, what's the point?

Anonymous said...

personally I like the light top with dark colors , if you with the light blue get black.

I miss my BRG Miata of course with biscut top

Midnight Magnum Aka Bobzoom

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben, nice MGB, love the real wire rims with spinner hubs.

Midnight, I am thinking of black with parchment top and interior, but Boomar's Cobra has that color scheme.

TommyO said...


Sorry to hear about you having to put off the purchase, but at the same time, glad. I think if you have the choice of a GT or a V-6 ragtop, I would say pick the converitble. Ulitmately, I would say go for the GT conv't, but I already know that what you will tell me. Having a 4WD makes the decision to buy a droptop that much more sensible. The northeast winters will not become any type of problem. As for color. Pick what makes you happy. I have seen the Windveil Blue with Parchment top and interior and have to say it is nice. As crazy as it sounds, the Legend Lime with Parchment would be nice too. Both of those colors kind of remind me of the older Mustangs. The triple black is awesome, with one major downside, black is hot and when it is a convertible, it makes it even hotter when open air driving in the summer sun. Of course, you know I like the reds,(I am very seriously considering the Saleen Supercharged Mustang in red to add to my personal pony coral.) although I believe that if you have a red Mustang it has to be the GT. Just my own biased opinion. Anyway, I don't think you can go wrong as long as it is what you like, after all as you've said before, it's your hard earned money.

Ps Midnight Magnum aka Bobzoom we know you miss that Miata, you should have kept it. One of the nicest cars you ever had.(not that those RX-7's were slouches) A little more power and even I would have wanted one! Still, a great car. Nothing like a convertible!
Do me a favor, get a better tagline, how about . . .

Almost a Ford Guy! Just kidding. So don't get me in trouble with our host.

Big Ford Fan said...

Tommy O, your point about the triple black is a good one, comfort is a major reason getting a convertible. My best friend Joe has a black SVT Cobra in black with the beige top and leather interior. I'll have to give color choices a real careful review.
I know your penchant for Red, but I've never been a flashy person. Green is my favorite color, but the Legend Lime is too light a green for me. The Emerald Green of my 91 or the dark green from the Bullit Mustang would be more to my liking. I've heard that the Highland Green may be a future option, but not soon enough.
I was also thinking of Tungsten gray with Parchment.

Much better interaction with MM, but be good or you will be asked to stand in the corner, that means you too MM.

And while I have you in my sights MM, your devotion to the blue oval seems a little shaky in your last few comments, I believe you need to reevaluate your loyalties. The Magnum is nice, but it's not a Ford :) But the Mazdas that you're had over the years are somewhat of a redeeming factor. Just kidding :)

Anonymous said...


Big Ford Fan said...

Boomar! yeah I know you're disapointed, but money is tight and just think I'll be able to afford more in the spring.

I'll have to go over color choices with you, since you have lots of experience with drop tops.