Thursday, September 22, 2005

New V-6 and V-8's from Ford to power future Fords and Lincolns

Ford is coming out with new V6 and V8 engines displacing 3.5 and 4.4 liters respectively. The 3.5 V6 will see duty in the new Fusion clones as well as the Fivehundred and future spinoffs at Lincoln. The 4.4 V8, although the same diplacement as the Jag and Rover V8 is actually a version fo the Volvo XC90's V8, which originated in the last generation Taurus SHO. Yamaha built and designed, it is necessary for the future Lincolns and crossover SUVs.

Word is that the 3.5 Dura Tec V6 will put out 250 hp, impressive right? Well, good but not great. Why is it that Nissan's 3.5 V6 puts out a minimum of 265 hp and as much as 280 hp and Ford just shoots for the middle ground? The 3.5 will be the engine for premium level cars and crossovers. To compete in that class against cars like the Maxima and crossovers like the Murano, Ford needs to shoot for 275 or higher.

Now the 4.4 Yamaha SHO/Volvo V8 should put out around 310 hp, respectable and 10hp more than the Mustang, but is it enough? With the competition having such powerfull V6 and V8 engines, is this a case of Ford playing it safe?

Ford seems to set their sites squarely on the middle ground. I guess there's safety there. The real test will be how Ford controls quality and prevents recalls on these new engines.


Shawn said...

I don't think HP matters that much in family sedans as long as it is useful horsepower. The things that matter are reliablity and quality. Once SVT comes back, maybe we'll get the high performance versions.

For Lincoln, I completely agree it NEEDS to jump into the HP game. While most of its customers are old and will never use the car for speed, Lincoln needs to attract younger buyers with a range of power & performance. Lincoln used to be such a awesome's a shame that Ford turned it into a fleet company.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, you have a point about family sedans, but Lincoln needs to pump up it's image as you seem to agree. The real disapointment is that a version of the 500 will replace the LS, which was the most promissing Lincoln production car in years. Not since the days of the LSC has Lincoln had a chance to compete in the luxury sport market. The LS could have been a Lexus/BMW fighter if Ford had put more power under the hood.

Shawn said...

I think there's a ray of sunshine out there though... Now that Jag is moving up-market/low volume, maybe that means Ford finally freed up the market for the segment just underneath. So maybe Lincoln will get more investment?

(It's my theory that Ford never invested in Lincoln because it thought Jag would do better in the premium market segment).

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, from your lips to Bill Ford's ears, Lincoln has been neglected over the last decade. Dependant on fleet/limo sales and affluent soccer moms.

What does Lincoln sell anymore? The Towncar, Navigator, Aviator (up until recently) and the LS and now Mark LT (Blackwood simplified).

The LS was an opportunity for Lincoln to really break out and compete and it never got the attention it deserved. Maybe it was fear of competing with the Jaguar S type, maybe it was just the usual play it safe attitude FoMoCo takes.

The New Lincoln Mark X roadster concept or Continental concept would be a new lease on life for Lincoln. How about a four door convertible Continental?

I'll tell you what Lincoln doesn't need, another underpowered 500 clone. What is this GM?