Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bill Ford says Inovation will be key to Ford's future, MPH Online

I found this article on MPH Online, Bill Ford telling employees at the research lab, that Hybrids, and alternative fuels would be the key to Ford's future. Ford produces about 24,000 Hybrids anually and plans to increase that to almost 250,000 over the next few years. The article states that they will introduce new Fusion/Milan Hybrids as well as Mazda Tribute. As one reader pointed out recently, Ford should also consider a Hybrid Focus.

I have less enthusiasm about the proposed 260,000 flex fuel vehicles that Ford plans on introducing (F-150, Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis) becasue as I've stated before, they have no real impact, not Ford's fault, but because the M85 fuel they can use ( a mixture of gasoline and ethanol) is not widely available and at the whim of the driver.

I'm hoping that this pledge to be inovative and lead the push for alternative fuel technologies as well as safety is not just lip service. It seems appropriate that the company that put the worl on wheels, leads the way into future. But it's going to be difficult for a company that relies heavilly on full size trucks to change their image. Some of the new models scheduled to come out of Ford are promissing, so I'm hopeful. I'm still dreaming of a Hydrogen powered supercharged V8 Mustang, that will do 0-60 in 4 seconds and have water vapor for exhaust.

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