Tuesday, September 20, 2005

AutoMuse doesn't like the new Fusion

The AutoMuse, has cast her vote, and she'll pass on the new Fuison. AutoMuse thinks the styling begs to be a rental car. Obviuosly, the Muse is uninspired by Ford's best effort.
The Fusion which borrows styling cues from the 427 concept seen below, is Ford's replacement for the Taurus and is critical to Ford's survival.

I on the otherhand, like the new Fusion's styling. It's not a work of art, but it's nice clean crisp lines are a big breakout for Ford. The new Milan, Mercury twin to the Fusion, is a big stinking pile of mediocrity to be sure. But I believe the Fusion carries enough of the styling of the 427 concept to seem edgy and fresh. I also love the look of the new Zephyr, Lincoln's version of the Fusion.

I think the Fusion will find a warm welcome in the market. I do agree with AutoMuse, that buyers going up from Mustangs will not consider the Fusion their first choice. I belive many would cross lines to Chrysler and Dodge dealerships and go for the new Charger or Magnum, as well as the 300.


Shawn said...

I saw that at her website earlier...I was going to comment on it, but apparently her blog requires registration now to post now.

In any which case, she complains that Fusion is bland and boring...What exactly is she comparing it with?

TommyO said...

Stop right there, who cares what she thinks. Everyone has an opinion and hers is just that, one opinion. My opinion is that it is a fine new car from Ford that will appeal to someone looking for a sedan. The GT inspires me, the Mustang inspires me, even the T'bird inspired me, a sedan of any kind is merely a car to me.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, I don't know what AutoMuse is comparing the Fuison to. Many cars in it's class are simple in design. I think the Fusion itself has some charcter.

Tommy O, The AutoMuse is a respected automotive blogger with a broad reader base. I don't think many people will be swayed by her opinion, but since it is the first negative comment on the Fusion I've seen, I felt it worthy of comment.

As for sedans not being inspiring, some can be very apealing, it's a matter of taste.