Thursday, September 22, 2005

For a Focus fan on the Forums

I was looking at one of the Focus forums the other day and one young lady was interested in the European Focus Vignale. She wrote how she hoped Ford would bring this attractive hard top convertible to the states.
Very nice, top up or down, built on the European Focus platform.

Unfortunately, the only way to get this sexy little coupe/convertilbe is through your local Volvo dealer. It's the new C70, with the I5 volov engine, it's nice, but would be nicer as a Ford.
This young lady, has a Focus now and is looking to trade up, she loves the Vignale, but is considering the Pontiac G6 convertible coupe coming out this fall.

I have a great idea, slap one of those ugly waterfall grilles on the damn thing and sell it as a new Mercury Capri! This is a car that needs to come to the states, and as a FoMoCo product. Even the waterfall grill coudn't hurt this beauty. Why don't we start a letter writing campaign???


Midnight Magnum said...

this is a sharp looking car. Ford is just rubbing the PGA group in our face. All those explorers they sold gave them the money for all of the car designs we see in Europe. Your right it's time for Ford to share some of the Fusion based cars from the south american and asian markets, if the european platforms are not profitable enough , Don't Let the US market languish. Hate to say it but I like the new Dodge Caliber.

Anonymous said...

if u like vignale look at this :D