Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fusion/Milan/Zephyr due in showrooms soon

The Fusions are coming, the new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury midsize sedans that have been long anticipated are going to start showing up on dealer lots very soon and are getting a lot of mention online. Check the BlueOvalNews for links and articles, as well as pictures and forums devoted to the new models. The Fusion and it's clones are important cars for Ford. I have to say the Fusion and Zephyr are growing on me, I like the styling and can't wait to drive one.
Mercury's version of the Fusion, with tamer almost bland styling. While the Fusion is edgy, the Milan is boring. But since it's replpacing the Sable I guess that's appropriate. When will Ford learn that Mercury needs something more than a waterfall grille and a slightly nicer interior to sell rebadged Fords.
The Zephyr is a different story from the Milan, fresher styling that really differentiates itself from it's humble Ford/Mazda beginings. The interior shots I've seen are impressive and now that Ford finaly offers a DVD Navigation system, it's on par with competition both foreign and domestic. Also with 221 hp and optional all wheel drive ( to come soon,) this may find more appeal in the market.

These cars are going to be almost make or break models for Ford, especially if full size SUVs and trucks start to experience a slow down in sales.

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