Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MPH Online has spyphotos of new Volvo C30

The guys over at MPH Online have the scoop again with the first spyphotos I've seen of the new Volvo C30. Based on the Euro Ford Focus platform, and little brother to the S40 above. I can't post the spyphotos here, so instead I've posted photos of platform siblings. Take the nose of the above S40 and put it on the Focus below, now you have the C30 Click the link, and then come back and listen to me cry for a bit.
And I thought we wouldn't get the Euro Focus ST, foolish me, we'll get it as a Volvo I guess. Don't doubt that you'll see the 218 hp I5 in the C30 soon enough.
Or Maybe Volvo will go for the Mazda 3 rear? And I had hear repeatedly that this platform was too expensive to bring to the US. So it's too expensive to be a Ford, but the Mazda is OK?
So instead of this really nice Focus, we can get the same car as a Volvo or a Mazda, that makes sense. Wake up Ford, bring this here to the states.
I have to admit, that I'm not as happy with the Mazda's Batman styling as opposed to Ford or Volvo. But I am looking forward to the MazdaSpeed 3.
A great platfrom shared by vastly by several brands, each with their own unique persona.
I like them all, but as a true BlueOvalFanatic, I want the Ford.

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