Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ford Bantam/Courier trucklet

Could this little Ford truck sell in the US? The Bantam/Courier is based on Fiesta mechanicals and sold in various African, Asian and South American markets. A few months ago, I had read online that Scion was considering bringing a small truck based on the Xb mini MPV. I recall seeing a concept at the auto show in New York also. Now the Bantam may not be very refined, but it is rugged and with the Fiesta DNA could be outfitted with the right bits and pieces to make it sporty and functional. Small car based trucks don't seem to be a big market that's for sure. With "Compact" trucks becoming "Midsize" it may seem foolish for me to call for this model in the US, but with gas over $3 per gallon and heading towards $4 quickly, this little truck could indeed find a market here. There is also a panel van version available, but I'm thinking the pickup could be a better bet. Take the Fiesta ST pieces, and you'd have a neat little truck. Aim it at the Youth market and keep it fairly inexpensive (under $20k) offer dealer accessories like Scion, maybe even market it through Mercury to give that failing brand have a boost.

When I was younger Subaru Brats were fairly popular, almost cool.


Anonymous said...

subaru has some Bahja's you can get cheap. Bantam is a nice trucklet but probably not nesecary for American market. even the El Camino fianlly bit the dust.

I liked the old 024 trucklet dodge put out in the mid to late 80's


Big Ford Fan said...

I agree that at this time, it doesn't look like a hot prospect, but if Scion does bring their trucklet to market, this could counter it.

Who knows with the price of gas soaring, maybe in time interesting small vehicles will come back. And if they do, Ford has some resources in their global bin.

The O24/Rampage was an interesting vehicle, only brought down by the fact it was a Dodge.

Anonymous said...

This coming from the proud owner of a 1978 CHEVY MONZA , The 024 and later Charger were peices of junk. But what did Ford or GM offer

Big Ford Fan said...

OH Man! That was a shot below the belt mentioning the Monza. It was the best car I could afford, and because it was a GM it ended up self destructing after a short period of time.

We've all had some automotive issues in our past, skeletons in the closet so to speak. Out of 17 cars only 9 I've had have been Ford. That is my shame. But I have done the best I can.

Those without sin cast the first stone, everyone else kiss my hairy butt :)