Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Big changes ahead at Ford

These two articles indicate that Ford is serious about change and a return to profitability in the US. It's going to be a tough road and there going to be some unpopular decisions, hard times for Ford employees, union and non-union alike. And with the news of the agreement between Ford and CAW, a lot of people are going to be unhappy.

Ford very much needs to change it's fortunes in the US and as a Union member (not UAW or auto industry) it's difficult for me to say that the UAW needs to be realistic. Loose some jobs now or loose them all later. I'm not crazy about Ford sourcing parts from cheaper labor countries, but it's been the trend in manufacturing for decades.

As a very faithful Ford fan, it's difficult to watch, but better some pain now, than the eventual failure of one of the US's most important employers.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article! Carlos Ghosn of Nissan once again is reported to have turned down Bill Ford Junior's advances for a "top position". Reason given (again) being that there are too many Fords at Ford...too much control by Junior and Senior and about 25 others family members. I am surprised there is very little press given to this HUGH problem but it seems that top talent which Ford needs so badly, is turned off by the concentration of power in the hands of so few. I also feel those who hold the power are simply not able to get the company out of the ditch. What do you think??

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, I am not familar enough with the situation to have an inteligent opinion, but Carlos Ghosn is, so I would have to assume that things need to reviewed at Ford.

Common sense says that too many cheifs can't run a tribe. With that many family members involved, you not only have compnay polatics, but famiily polatics as well.

Ghosn, helped Renault and Nissan back from the edge, and could have really turned Ford around. But I wonder how he would have done, in dealing with the UAW?