Monday, September 05, 2005

BlueOvalNews has photo of Lincoln V Concept ???

Now the link on their site was not working and a Google search found nothing on a Lincoln V concept, so I'm assuming it's either new or they were reffering to the Lincoln Mark X Concept.
When I can get a picture of the V, I will post it here. What I'm seeing looks like mix of Lincoln LS and new Volvo C-4 retractable hardtop convertible. Not bad looking whatever it is and about time that Lincoln got something exciting. But of course Ford won't put enough power under the hood to make it truly competative in the market. Look for an updated post later in the day.

Ok, the link works now and I was able to see the larger images you can see above. I was a little off on my first apraisal, I had thought it was a 2 door and obviously this is a 4 door convertible. If this vehicle ever makes it to production, don't expect to see that, Ford doesn't have the courage to risk it. But now that I can see the larger images, I believe they are just photoshop creations. This looks like a Volvo S-80 that someone has manipulated.

If anyone knows anything about this, let me know. And I'd like to know what you think, is it real/fake, would you want it, whatever your thoughts.

Update, I should have scrapped the entire posting, but don't like to do that. The photos are indeed fake, I should have read more carefully. But they are a great idea. Lincoln needs something exciting to give it a boost. The Lincoln Continental Concept that I've posted pictures of in the past or the Lincoln Mark X roadster seen above. Maybe even a Lincoln version of the Ford Focus Vignalle hardtop convertible, that is coming out in Europe? Drop the Focus RS powertrain in and put the Lincoln grille on it.

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