Wednesday, September 21, 2005

From one platform, many flavors of Ford, none do we get here

Here, the humble Ford Fiesta, a staple of Ford's world product line up. The Fiesta once seen on these shores is a sub-compact front wheel drive platform available anywhere the Blue Oval can be seen, anywhere but North America that is (Mexico being an exception) For about 25 years Fiesta has meant reliable sometimes fun transportation for many around the world. Below are some of the many flavors of Fiesta, all built on Fiesta mechanicals.
The Street Ka is a small roadster, based on Fiesta mechanicals this is the drop top version of the Ka availalbe through most of Europe .
Alternately called the Bantam or Courier depending on where you are, this Fiesta based mini truck is sold in Europe, Asia and Africa. A little Ranchero type car based truck.
In the UK and most of Europe, if you say Ford Fusion, this is what they think of. Again, Fiesta based mini people mover is stylish and economical. Front wheel drive with either gas or Diesel engines, I've seen this up close and wonder why it couldn't be brought to the US, but I get ahead of myself.
This four door sedan is sold in South America and parts of Asia. Based on Fiesta mechanicals is the Ford Ikon.
In Europe, you're more likely to see the panel van version of the Bantam/Courier than the bakie or pick up version.
Here's the big gun in the Fiesta stable, the ST150. With 150 hp, upgrades to suspension and some sporty styling, the ST150 is the SVT style Fiesta.
This is the Ford Puma, sold in Europe from 1999-2003 a sporty 2 door coupe similar in style to the Mercury Cougar sold in the states at the same time. There was even a racing series for these exciting little cars.
Again the Ka, this time the hard top version, very popular in the UK. Loved for their low cost of operation and dependability the spirited handling is just gravy. Another car this is club raced in the UK.
The EcoSport from South America, an all wheel drive cousin to the UK's Fusion and possibly heading to the states as the new Bronco (concept below) available as are all Fiesta based models with both a gas and a dieslel engine.
Now as we're seing with the new Mazda6/Ford Fusion platform, its possible to take the same basic structure and develop many different vehicles for different markets. The Fiesta is truly a global vehicle, as Ford is truly a global company. With energy costs rising, I would like to see some of the Fiesta family here in the US.


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