Friday, September 09, 2005

European Focus news some good some bad

OK, first the good news our European brother and sister will be getting this quick new Ford Focus ST with a turbocharged I5 making 222 hp. Probably sourced from Volvo it will sell for about $32,000 and will do 0-60 in the 6.5 second range. Now AutoBlog says that US buyers would never pay this much for a Ford Focus, and I have to say they may be right. With the Cobalt and Ion twins selling their supercharged versions in low $20K and Dodge's outgoing SRT4 selling in that neighborhood when you could find them. But Subaru's Imprezza WRX (non STI) sells in high $20K's and of course the STI and Mitsu Evo go to just over $30K.

Now this could have sold in the US for over $30K, but unfortunately even our Europen friends won't be getting the much anticipated Focus RS with it's over 300 hp and all wheel drive. This would have been hell on wheels and put the STI and Evo X trailing in the dust.

I don't know why Ford wouldn't have done this. It would have been a very good seller from all the press it has received as a concept. Many Ford faithfull on both sides of the atlantic would have been lined up to get one. Just check the enthusiatic comments on AutoBlog.

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