Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill Ford calls for Energy summit, another possative sign

The day after anouncing that Ford is committed to new technologies for alternative energy and energy conservation, Bill Ford has asked for an Energy Summit between the Federal Government , Fuel Suppliers and the Auto Industry. A move in the right direction for sure, but will there be follow through. I'm not saying Ford has to go it alone. The Federal Government needs to commit funds toward research and infrastructure along with Fuel Suppliers and the Auto Industry. We've been hearing about Hydrogen for almost 20 years and all of the big players here and in Europe and Asia have built prototypes.
Ford's recent initiative of Flex Fuel Vehicles here in the US and in Europe sounds promissing on it's face, but I've voiced my opinion on those before. Flex Fuel Vehicles are no more than Public Relations tools unless the fuel is available and there are incentives for it's use. I also believe that Bio Diesel should be a bigger push as a temporary measure until better technologies are in place. Bio Diesel made from renewable Soy Beans burns cleaner and from what I've read supplies the same power as Petrolium Diesel. Also there would be no need for thee expensive catalyst systems and ureha injections systems. Low Sulfur Diesel has been on the horizon for quite a while, but it's not soon enough.
These two vehicles show different applications of Hydrogen power. I'm a big fan of Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines. The best of both worlds, power and clean emissions. Who wouldn't want to tool around in this RX-8 knowing that the exhaust is water vapor, being green would never feel so good. I know that pilot porgrams with busses using alternative fuels have been in place for several years. Burning CNG, Propane and even Hydrogen as seen below.
Ford needs to be on the frontline of these new technologies and from what we're hearing Bill Ford is taking the bull by the horns. I just hope it's not just so much lip service. As new reports say that even before Hurrican Rita strikes, we can expect gas prices to soar past $4 per gallon and even as high as $5 or God forbid $6, we need to realize that Energy is this country's achiles heal, whether it be Natural Disaster, War or Terrorist strike, anything that slows the flow of energy, can be devastating to our economy. Alternative fuels are not just a matter of "thinking Green" they are a matter of National well being and security.

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