Friday, September 09, 2005

File this under dumb moves of the century, Ford to build small cars for Europe with Fiat

Fiat Panda built in Poland I believe, and the new 500 a retro model for Fiat will share common parts with the Ford Ka.
The Ford Ka, a model built specifically for the European market, based on Fiesta mechanicals. It's quirky looks and decent performance have given it a faithful following since it's introduction in the mid 90's. See link page for enthusiast site.

Ok now somebody at Ford needs an ass kicking. Ford of Europe is entering into an agreement with Fiat (yes Fiat, the shoddy Italian car maker copied throughout The Soviet Blcck for years, remember the Yugo! ) to build small cars like the Fiat Panda and Ford Ka using common elements and design.

Didn't GM just loose a bundle when their deal with Fiat fell through? Werent' they glad to loose the money rather than go through with the deal? Who thinks this is a good idea?

Fix It Again Tony * meets Found On Road Dead *!! Unbelievable, someone at Ford needs a serious ass kicking and I'll volunteer to kick it.

I'm sure I'm overreacting, but my gut says this is going to be a stupid deal, major league stupid, sort of like replacing the Lincoln LS with a derivative of the Ford FiveHundred. Oh that's right they're doing that.

* The truth hurts, so before any devoted Fiat Fans (both of them) start to picket outside my door, I have to say that I've know several people over the years who had various Fiat cars and all of them were problematic (Fiat Spider, X-19, 124 and 131) Fiat cars are known to be crap. Their owners are devoted masocists. The Yugo imported by Malcom Briklin in the late 80's early 90's was a poor copy of a Fiat, right down to the spare tire mounted on the engine.

* Just typing those words hurts me. And in a fit of anger I wrote them, but won't take them down.


Dotty Gale said...

Just posted on the AP.

"At the Sierra Summit, Ford offered consumers their first peek at their latest hybrid sports utility vehicle -- the 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The compact, four-wheel-drive SUV can get 33 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on highways."

Big Ford Fan said...

The Mariner Hybrid is just a rebadged Escape Hybrid, I don't know what all the hype is about.

unda said...

I though the saying was "Fix Or Repair Daily"?

Anonymous said...

Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily or Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge are variations on the theme that I've heard over the years