Monday, July 11, 2005

Sorry busy weekend, will post again soon

OK, I know no posts in several days and the last few posts were a little light on content.
But it's been a very busy couple of days and there are things that have to come before the blog, unfortunately.

So I'll just give you some quick, Ford/Blog related stuff and then sign off.

First, check the comments below to see one Ford Employee's CC'd email to Employees concerning the Employee Incentive program and the new Employee Discount for Everyone.
Clears up my questions and maybe yours.

Second, my copies of the Australian film "The Chase is On" arrived and I will be reviewing it here soon. I apprciate Cam's help in straightening out the problem. I'm looking forward to seeing the film and letting you know about it.

Last, I happened to stop by a local Ford dealer and was surprised that inside on the floor was a left over 2004 Ranger Edge extra cab with the Tremor package. The original price was nearly $27, 000 and the red tag had the price at $19,795 . I asked the salesman what the story was with this, since 2006 models would be coming soon enough, how did this one not get sold. He was honest and pointed out that because of the huge Pioneer subwoofer assembly sitting behind the seats, most of the space in the extra cab was wasted. He suggested that if the buyer wanted he could remove the speaker box easy enough, but there were no jump seats. Nice truck, but with the current Employee Discount sale and the fact that it's an 04, I have a feeling this one will be sitting a while and that price will have to drop more before someone buys it.

Be back to posting soon,


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, I was talking with a friend of mine and he said that the Explorer is going to have a face lift for '06 and that he didn't like the look of the front end. I haven't seen a photo. Do you have any info on this?

Big Ford Fan said...

Yes, there are pictures and links in my archives. But I will try and post something new for you soon.

Anonymous said...

a day not blogging......what will I do ? Joe , relax you do a great
job with this. I enjoy your insite and perspective on the trends of Ford and the others. You should be paid for this. Enjoy your free time . WE will be here waiting .

Midnight M