Tuesday, July 12, 2005

2006 Explorere pic as requested

A reader requested pictures of the new 2006 Ford Explorer's front end. This is the picture that I ran last month. They had commented that a friend didn't like the new look. Personally it seems fine to me, a little too much like Audi's new front end, but not ugly.

If any other readers have requests or questions, please leave a comment or write to me at myforddreams@aol.com. I will do my best to research any question in a timely manner. And if I can locate a picture you're looking for I will post also.


Anonymous said...

not bad, I like it. makes it look more upscale.

Midnight Magnum

TommyO said...

What would you know, it isn't a Daimler/Chrysler station wagon!

MustangMike said...

Big Ford Fan, I recently went to a New York area Ford dealer to inquire about a 2005 Mustang GT and was told that none were availabe, I couldn't order an '05, and that they had been selling for $3,000 over sticker. I could order an '06, but it would be 8-10 weeks and still I would have to pay over sticker! He also told me that Ford intentionally was keeping supply low on the GTs and planned to do the same in '06. I hope this is not true, especially since the Mustang has been kept alive due to it's loyal fan base. This is similar to how they doomed the T'Bird. Can you find out from your readers if this is the trend across the U.S.? Thanks, keep up the great work on a very informative website.

Big Ford Fan said...

Mustang Mike, welcome. I will post a more fleshed out answer to your questions later, but the short answer is That Ford is not keeping GT production down to jack up prices. That is the normal product mix. You only have to look at production numbers over the last few years to see, that the base Mustang has always outnumbered the GT.

I'll back this up with numbers later. For more information on the new Mustang, check back here or go to the Mustang Source.Com

TommyO said...

Joe, I read the post by mustangmike and did a little of my own research on Mustang pricing. What I found is exactly what mustangmike said, GT supply is down in the NY area and pricing is at a premium and expected to stay that way for the '06 model. I got this from my friend at the Ford dealer I have dealt with for the last fourteen years. Personally, I find that to be bad business by Ford. As you know, I own two Fox bodied GT's, a '91 hatch and an '02 ragtop, and didn't pay anywhere near sticker for either of them. I would not have expected to pay over sticker for a Mustang ever! If the dealers continue to gouge buyers, even if it is in isolated areas, eventually the Mustang will suffer and so will Ford. Dealers beware, the T'bird is definitely a case in point for greedy dealers helping to kill a popular car with adjusted market value pricing.