Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ford and Chrysler jump on the "Employee Discount" bandwagon with GM

Ford and Daimler Chrysler have now anounced "Employee Discount" plans similar to GM.
GM is doing very well with their Employee Discount program and now everybody's doing it.

This item has been widely reported online, so I'm not sure who to "Hat Tip" on this one So I think I'll mention that BlueOvalNews and AutoBlog talked about it in more detail.

My purpose is not to inform you about this, but to pose this question. Now that Ford has this new program of "Employee Discounts", is the earlier program of actual employees handing out PIN numbers still active?

The reason I ask is this, the Mustang and Escape Hybrid are exluded from this new program which expires August 1st. The program I had discussed and recieved an offer from a generous Ford employee to use one of their PIN's did not exclude these models and ran out September 30th.

FordDirect.Com and local dealer Internet Sales departments are sending out emails to previous customers offering them this new discount program.

I could have gotten my Mustang with the PIN, but not this way. Could a Ford employee or someone that knows for sure email me at to let me kow?
Or just comment on this post.


Anonymous said...

You know, they treat us like mushrooms--keep us in the dark and feed us dirt.

Ford is in the middle of the summer shutdown--most of product development and manufacturing are on vacation.

We'll probably get an apology, and an explanation when we get back.


Anonymous said...

From: Ed Mack [BulkMail@Ford.Com] Sent: Wed 7/6/2005 9:32 AM
To: All U.S. Employees
Subject: Employee Pricing for Everyone

The Company is announcing a new sales program called the "Ford Family Employee Plan". The Ford Family Employee Plan is a national program that offers all customers the same great discount that our employees receive. This offer will be available at participating dealerships from July 6, 2005 through August 1, 2005. No approval PINs are required to receive the employee price.

The Plan will assist the Company with sell-down of 2005 model year inventory to make room for the 2006 models. Consequently, only 2005 Ford and Lincoln-Mercury models (excluding Mustang, Escape Hybrid, the GT, and E-450/F-450 and above trucks) will be available. PAG and Mazda products are also excluded. Mustang and Escape Hybrid, along with PAG and Mazda products are still available on your A and X-Plan's.

For the duration of this program only, participating dealerships are allowed to charge Ford Family Employee Plan customers fees for document preparation, in addition to the A-Plan price. Employees and retirees purchasing a new vehicle during this program may be charged these "doc" fees, whereas normally those fees would be included in the A-Plan price. Also, under the Ford Family Employee Plan the dealer is allowed to offer a price that is below the normal A-Plan price.

These new rules will apply only while the Ford Family Employee Plan is in effect. Once this special program is over, and for all 2006 model vehicle sales, current AXZ-Plan rules will apply (i.e. no documentation fees, and A-Plan price only).

Since all of our customers will be receiving the same great price that our employees receive on eligible 2005-Model vehicles, we will temporarily suspend the Employee and Retiree Summer Sales cash award program. However, we will count and pay cash awards for all sponsored AXZ-Plan sales recorded in the period from the original program start date of June 15th through July 15th.

Please stay tuned for further announcements later this summer. We plan to reinstate the cash award program as soon as possible.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing enthusiasm and support of the Company. Please continue to encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to drive our products and remind them that July is the perfect time to take advantage of this great Ford Family Employee Plan offer.

Big Ford Fan said...

Thankk you very much for CCing that email here. That settles the questions.