Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ford sales up everywhere but the US ?!

I read on BlueOvalNews about this today. It really didn't surprise me, but felt I would point it out to all of you. Now the question is this, how can Ford come up with a design that competes well overseas, but not here? Don't give me the old crap about cars being different in Europe, because the Japanese sell, the same models here as they do in Europe for the most part. And besides, with the increasing price of Gasoline, maybe we should have more fuel efficient cars here too.

Above are the Ford Mondeo Estate (station wagon) and the New Focus. Both could sell here and do a lot to help Ford's image. I'm not saying import them, I'm saying build them here for this market.

2/3 of Ford's profits are from overseas markets, where they compete head to head and do well.

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