Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ford Ikon, sold in Asia, Africa and South America. Built, I believe on last generation Fiesta mechanicals. Is one option Ford has to compete with the Korean and soon Chinese imports. With the prices of cars like the Focus and Honda's Civic being closer to $20k with options, the entry level cars need to be looked at again. Like the Festiva and Aspire before, this could give Ford something entry level.

This or even the Mazda 1 series or European Ford Fiesta, is needed to give Ford that entry level offering. An economical quality built car that doesn't break the bank, something that will create a younger customer base that would trade up to other Ford products as they become more affluent. Isn't that a basic principal in Marketing?

Isn't an economical quality vehicle priced so it's acessable what helped Ford become an iconic name? Remember the Model T? The car that put the world on wheels.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I own a Ford Ikon 2005, I live in Mexico, and is an economy car in performance and parts. Aesthetically I like the rear-not his forehead is enough space and very large luggage carrier. The equipment in its version of luxury, it is still austere, but nevertheless, it is an automivil efficient, economical and comprehensive in its segment. See you soon.