Monday, July 18, 2005

Brief post with news and comments

Blue Oval News is posting that Ford will drop the FreeStyle Crossover in 2007. These rumors keep coming up and it could be true. Ford will sell the Mercury version starting in 2007.
It seems that they've sold just over 40,000 units and expected to sell closer to 100,000.

This combined with new products coming out soon, are the reasons Ford is bailing on a great vehicle. Surviving as a Mercury will mean that a good platform will be availalbe, but in lower numbers.

Several readers (Mustang Mike and TommyO) have commented on dealers jacking up the price of Mustang GT's and concerns that Ford is intentionally keeping supplies low to keep prices inflated. I have no doubt that dealers, who have had to drop prices on every other model are really taking advantage of Mustang buyers. When time allows, I will check the break down of models over the last few years and post then here. With fuel prices being so high and of course being concerned about CAFE numbers, Ford had been wise to set the mix at 35%-65% for V-6-V-8 product mix. But like I said, when I get a few moments to research more, will post more.
Both readers site the example of the Thunderbird, which dealers had a field day jacking up prices. They may have a point, only time will tell.

A correction to an earlier post; I had posted that Volvo's new convertible model based on the european Focus Vignale, was the C40. I was mistaken, it's the C70.

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