Friday, July 01, 2005

Forbe's says Ford to kill Freestyle, I doubt it's accuracy, but here it is

Forbe's magazine says that Ford is going to kill the FreeStyle at the end of 2007.
I found this article at BlueOvalNews. The writer claims that in order to save Mercury Ford will kill the FreeStyle in favor of the Meta One crossover from Mercury.

I think the reporter is mistaken, or premature. The FreeStyle has been out only a few months and shows too much promise to be killed. I know the FreeStar mini van is going bye bye, but hope the FreeStyle will not go.

Some speculate that the author may have the two confused, but from the article it doesn't seem so. Let's hope that this is not true.

Mercury certainly needs some help, but not at the expense of this fine Ford.

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