Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Chase is on! DVD from down under

OK, so I finally got my copy of The Chase is on! the DVD movie from Australia featuring Ford Falcon GTs as the stars. I had a bit of a problem with the DVD playing in my living room player, but it plays fine on my computer DVD player. Buyer beware when buying DVDs from outside the US.

Overall, I liked it, it's not Bullit, but it's fun. The Australian Fords are fantastic. There's one scene with the red Falcon GT doing a burnout that is so cool The sound of these beast are amazing. The two classic Falcons are also very nice.

There were some minor points that I wasn't crazy about (the Holdens getting so much screen time) and the making of section was not very informative, but still for the price it's a piece of Australian car culture available in the mail.

if any of my Australian readers have seen this movie, please let me know.

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Cameron Male said...

Hi, glad you liked 'the chase is on'. As we had no budget and we couldnt break any road laws or crash any cars, it took alot of effort just to get to the finishing line.

I still have the 'Nitro GT' car and with pleasure, drive it every day.

Cameron Male