Monday, July 25, 2005

Looking towards the future with hope

The Bronco concept, is there any hope that this will see production? Do any of you want to see this produced? I do, it seems like a great concept and powered by a new diesel too.

The Fairlane concept

Haven't heard much about the possability of Ford bringing out a new rear wheel drive sedan to compete with Chrysler's LH platform. Has anyone heard anything, that they care to share with us?

I had posted about rumors of the 427 and Continental concepts possibly being brought out with V-8 and rear wheel drive.

I'd like to hear what you think about these concpets and if they should be brought to market.
I've been getting some decent responses from some readers, let's hear what Tom, Bob, Pete, Dave, Chris , the AutoMuse and anyone else has to say.

Who knows, maybe Ford will read your comments.


Ben Kraal said...

I like the three-bar grille on those pics better than on the Mazda6, sorry, I mean Fusion.

The 427 is great looking but if it was released now could it be seen as too much like the 300C?

The Bronco could even be called iconic but I'm not sure about the Fairlane's corrogated sides.

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben I agree with you on the Fairlane, not too crazy about the side treatment. Maybe a nice wood treatment would be better :)

As for the 427, there's actually nothing wrong with being seen as too much like the 300. The 300's popularity is exactly why Ford needs to come out with a new rear wheel drive car. The Crown Victoria is seen as nothing but an old person's car, or a cab/police car.

The Fusion is going to have to be very well done to overcome the association with the Mazda6 which it is based on. Ford doesn't need the perception that it's nothing but a rebadged Mazda. They need to get this one right.

The Bronco is an Icon in the US. And with Toyota planning on bringing out the LandCruiser FJ40 the Bronco would be a perfect competitor. It should have a removable roof like the original.

Ben Kraal said...

Fairlane Country Squire! I like it!