Thursday, July 21, 2005

Reader poll

Windveil Blue is the color of choice, but do I get the GT or the Pony?

The Pony has the wheels I want (which are base on GT) and the grille I like better (which I'm sure I could swap onto a GT at a later date) But do I pay the extra $4000 for a V-8 or play it safe with slightly better fuel economy and a lower price?

I'm asking any and all readers to comment. Help me with a tough decision.


Anonymous said...

ask your self Joe , just a few honest questions.

1. Will you ever take it to the track or auto cross?
2. Have you missed the V8 experience since your last Mustang and Crown Vic ?
3. Would most pedestrians even notice the diffrence, and if they did would you care?

yes to one or more of these questions get the GT .

or nix the V8 for a very good V6
that will have a fair amount of performace upgrades available aftermarket, and spend it on the leather interior and other comfort features . either way get thy self to the dealer and get that Mustang.

love that Blue, MM

TommyO said...

Joe, You and anonymous MM are missing the point. Besides your stats that show a bias towards V-6 models, the truth is that the survival of the Mustang is due to enthusiasts that have bought the
V-8 models. Ford highlighted the GT's and the other performance Mustangs to peak the buying public's interest, not the V-6, they are for rental fleets and wannabes. There isn't any question, the GT is the car for you. Pick your color, buy it with a 5 speed and stop delaying what you know, that a Ford V-8 is what it is all about! You can't continually boast about Ford products we don't get, and then miss out on one that we have been fortunate to call our own. You will always be a almost was if you settle. Put your money where your mouth is and get it done!

Christopher Trottier said...

I'm actually quite impressed with the new Mustangs. They actually look cool.

Shawn said...

You live in should get the GT. I'm in Jersey, and I drive in horrible traffic every day and insurance is out of this world. Pony is a better choice for my situation than the GT. I think the GT would definitely be good for you.

E L Eversman said...

I was going to mention the insurance, but, hey, if you don't care if you pay more, get what will make you happy.

Anonymous said...

the V6 is a great value, the Gt gets decent gas mileage and ass kickin performance. this is a car you will keep for ever and after already having had a GT you may regret later settling for the V6.

5.2 0-60 300hp need I say more?


Big Ford Fan said...

I'm honored that the AutoMuse would comment on one of my posts.

But to respond, Insurance costs are not a great factor for me. I have a good record and have insured a Mustang before.

Anonymous said...

If it's the looks only you like, then get the V6.
If you like the thrust and the accompanying burble of the exhaust and get high off speed, then the V8's your choice.


Big Ford Fan said...

I guess it all comes down to what I can afford when I order.

I'm aiming for the GT I think.
I just don't think I could live with the V-6 really.

Even if I have to wait a few more months or a year, it's going to be the GT.

carpundit said...


You gotta get the V8. You just gotta. Save your dollars and grab for the stars.

A true Ford man like you should get the one he really wants.

Ben Kraal said...

You wouldn't want to get the V6 and then later say I should have bought the V8!.

(Ok, that was a lame attempt a humour)