Sunday, July 31, 2005

Congrats on joining the Ford family

Some very good friends of mine, joined the ranks of happy Ford owners this weekend. They are avid car enthusiasts who have quite a collection of new and classic cars in their stable. But now they have seen the light and bough this very nice 69 Thunderbird, complete with 320 horse 429 V-8 ! This car is in surprisingly good shape and they will enjoy this car for many years.

These are the type of people who do things right, driving their classic cars to shows and cruises and really enjoying them. Members of different car clubs, they also autocross their newer cars and are not afraid to drive a classic on day trips. This car was lucky enough to find a happy home where it will be cared for and driven.

Good luck with the T-Bird !


Anonymous said...

that is sharp looking tbird , makes me wish I hadn't passed on a sweet deal for a 69 cougar.

these are drivable art

Dotty Gale said...

I really wanted a Studebaker. I had to settle for the T-bird :(

Big Ford Fan said...

Don't pout, the T-Bird is a very nice car. Hell if you don't want it, you can give it to me for Christmas :)

Dotty Gale said...

I ordered the new plates for it:

Big Ford Fan said...

Very cool, but I guess that means I'm not getting it for Christmas :(