Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Auto Extremists article on Ford

This would be money well spent for Ford

This would be great for Ford fans. Powerful V-8, rearwheel drive, IRS and style.

I found this article linked on BlueOvalNews it's from Peter DeLorenzo wants to know what happened to Ford. He longs for the days of Total Performance and inovative design. He makes some good points, although I have stated before that I feel the money spent on many forms of racing does not payback in sales. He seems as out of touch with reality as he claims Ford is. He's right, that Ford needs to create buzz for themselves. But Le Mans and Indy racing are not what's going to do that. What good is that kind of "buzz" if you don't have interesting products to sell?

I have posted pictures here of the South American Ford EcoSport and the Australian Ford Falcon GT, to ilustrate that Ford can still create inovative and spirited vehicles, besides the new Mustang. I truly hope the Fusion does well, as it's such an important car for Ford's survival in the US.

Ford has had some interesting concepts that I've posted pictures of here, including the 427, Mark X, and Bronco, and they have some great product that they sell in foreign markets, like the Focus, Mondeo, Falcon and EcoSport/Fusion as well as the Fiesta and Ka.

The last truly inovative American Ford before the retro Mustang was the first Taurus, a car that carried Ford through the 80's and into the 90's. Think about it, besides trucks and Mustangs, what exciting has come out of Ford in the last 10 years.

Ford needs a better idea, but flushing money down the drain in high dollar racing series isn't the answer. New inovative product, that's got quality and staying power is. The new Fusion/Milan/Zephyr will be a make or break car for Ford.

Ford also needs to update or improve some staple items, like the Crown Victoria and Ranger. The F series trucks are great, but will they be enough to carry the company. Even with Mustang selling 190,000 units, that's not enough. Ford needs to sell over 3 million cars a year in the US. The current crop of dull uninterestng cars isn't doing it.

Ford needs to inject some style and power into their lineup and get on the ball with a rear wheel drive model to compete with Chrysler, the imports and possible future GM offerings.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe:

You should take a short vacation and come out to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Saturday Aug. 20. See

Lots of Fords, old and new. You would have blog material for weeks.

Big Ford Fan said...

Not possible this year, but maybe I'll take that trip next year. My honey won't go, but my buddy Joe, who I went to Nashville and Carlisle may be interested.

Detroit, Dearborn and a trip over to Ontario for the casinos.

Woodward Dream Cruise would give me a great deal of blogging material that's for sure.

Dale said...

Hi Joe.

I came across your blog while searching Ford Ecosport. I'm just sending a general response to your site: Ford has some great vehicles overseas and they need, no MUST sell some of them here. As a Ford employee, I find it very frustrating we do not make best use of the current inventory, especially the Ecosport and Ka. We need entry level cars now, not in 2008 or 2010!

I want to buy an Ecosport to import for personal use - can anyone help me?

I like your site, keep up the good work! Regards, Dale (from Illinois)

Anonymous said...

I live in SE Michigan and saw an EcoSport on 696 a couple of weeks ago. It was camo'd and had a ton of test instrumentation on the dash. I thought it looked great and wanted to buy it. Found out it can only be had in S. America. What a waste...why cannot I not order one from my Ford dealer. I would get rid of my CR-V for one of these.