Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lincoln Mark X concept, do you want to see it built?

Am I the only fan of this concept? Let me know what you think. This handsome convertible is basically a stretched Thunderbird with styling cues from classic Lincolns of the 60's. Just think of it a rear wheel drive V-8 powered Lincoln droptop. Ford should put a supercharged 4.0 in this putting out over 300 hp. GM and Chrysler don't have anything that could compete.

The Crossfire SRT6 is too small and quirky and the new Sebring replacement is up in the air. Chrysler has shown no interest in the ASC Helios concept. GM has nothing like this in the pipeline that I've heard of.

What do you think?


TommyO said...

Why settle for 300hp?

Big Ford Fan said...

Well, actually I said over 300, but what the hell, let's put the 390 hp 4.4 V-8 from Jag and Land Rover in there and really have a barnstormer.

But do you think it will sell? This one's a 4 seater unlike the T-Bird.

Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite lincoln concepts, with four seats and edgier styling this will double the volume of the thunderbird