Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuner Fusions to be at SEMA show AutoBlog has nice pictures

Any new release that hopes to sell well, has to be featured heavily at the SEMA show. And the Fusion which is the most important rollout from Ford in years (arguably more important than the Mustang) is no different. And like the Mustang Ford made sure that they got early production models to several custom shops to receive the "tuner" treatment.

Late in the Summer Ford also had Funk Master Flex, the host of Ride With Funk Master Flex on Spike, as well as sucessful radio dj and well known auto enthusiast, do his version of the Fusion and tour with it to car shows. Ford also had the series of Flash concerts this summer and fall in order to creat buzz for the Fusion. All money well spent if the Fusion is the hit it should be.

Ford isn't the only one that has done this, GM sent several HHRs out and when they were rolled out originally Chrysler sent the 300 and Magnum out for the same treatment. Your Fusion may never have the Dub look, but people like to know it could.

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