Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rear wheel drive revival?

Wards Auto is declaring the rebirth of rear wheel drive and declares the Mustang the front runner at 190,000 units for 2005. Chrysler's 300/Magnum combined didn't sell as well, although they did very well.
This should come as no surprise to anyone, but the combined sales of the three Panther platform models Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/ Town Car totaled over 220,000 units.

Now the LS did very poorly in sales, but as I've stated before, the chassis could be utilized in a new model or models.

Wards questions if Ford could sell 200,000 Mustangs a year, and says to do so would require concessions from Mazda that are unlikely. But the LS is built at the Wixom plant which may close and if new models were to be built on this chassis at the existing plant that could be a winning situation.

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