Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MPH Online spyphotos of Jaguar S Type and short review of MPH magazine

The current S Type Jaguar, which shares architecture with the outgoing Lincoln LS is a very handsome car and has done fairly well for Jaguar. Dave Thomas over at MPH Online has posted some spyshots of test mules and an artists rendering of what the new updated S Type will look like.

Now I only recently discovered MPH Online and it is now a site I check on a daily basis. It's a very well done and interesting site and Dave seems to be a very friendly guy, having corresponded several times with him via e-mail. I had not seen the news stand version of MPH and told Dave, he was nice enough to send me a couple of copies so I could check it out.

Now at first I was ready to dismiss it as yet another youth oriented trash rag, with articles on music and video games as well as the Backseat Betty quasi centerfold section. But after giving the two issues a careful read through I can see that it's much better than a first glance would have left me. Don't get me wrong, I think it will be a hit with the younger guys, reviews of the latest driving games and tech gear, but there is enough substance to even entertain an old man like me. It's not AutoBuff, the now defunct soft core porn rag with models thrown across the hoods of custom muscle cars. The articles are well written and interesting and the parodies that pop up in the back are amusing and smart.

It's not Automobile or Road & Track, but hell that's a great thing. Those two rags are both snooze time material. This is a combination of Car and Driver and Maxim. Actually entertaining and informative, but geared toward a younger market than some of the old guard auto magazines. So if you like cars, technology and want a little humor and fashion (luckily very little) this could be for you. And I know a couple of my friends that will get a real rise out of the Backseat Betty feature (you know who you are)

Click the link on the left to check out MPH Online, including the new blogs by their staff. And while there say hi to Dave and consider buying the hard copy version, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

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