Thursday, October 06, 2005

And you thought Vegas was just gambling, shame on you, there's plenty for a car guy to see

There's plenty of things for a car guy to see in Vegas, besides the smoky casinos and belt stretching buffets. These pictures were taken by my buddy Kevin as we walked through the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino's Auto Collection. There is something here for every taste including non Fords. Take this Shelby, a low milage beauty, that's yours for a price.
All the cars on display are for sale, so if you win big at the casino and don't know what to spend all the loot on, here's one idea.

Wow! A rare Mustang Boss 429, also for sale.
What a beautiful original Lincoln Continental.
A Mercury Turnpike Cruiser !
And if your winnings aren't in the supercar region, they had this extremely low milage, like new F-150.

Across the street at the Ceaser's Casino resort, in the mall is a store called Exotic Autos, where they not only sell memorabilia and apparell, but if you go in the way back they have a nice collection of Custom and exotic cars for sale. Also some outstanding artwork and other items.

Hell, just walking down the strip can be a feast for a Car Guy's eyes. It's amazing what you see tooling down Las Vegas Blvd as a taxi, Chrysler 300, Magnum, Charger, Escape, Explorer, Scion Xb, among the normal Chrysler mini vans and Crown Victorias. And in a town where money flows like the water from the Belagio fountains, it's no big deal to see a Rolls, Bentley or Ferarri cruising down the strip. Everyone has big wheels and auto bling in Vegas. I saw many cars with wheels more expensive than the car itself.

Hey it's Sin City, what do you expect.


Dotty Gale said...

"There is something here for every taste including non Fords."

Ahem, I didn't see one Studebaker.

Big Ford Fan said...

Sorry, but I don't post pics of Studes :)

I meant that there is something in Vegas for every taste, but hey I did post pics of someone's new GTO and that's not a Ford.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up , I am going to empty my bank account and hop a plain to Vegas so I can get the 429 Boss .


Big Ford Fan said...

MM, if you can't find something in Vegas to spend your winnings on, you haven't looked hard enough.

Remember, what ever money comes to Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

That's the idea, I leave with just enough money for Gas and Food to get Me back Home.Of course in my Boss 429.

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, you need to win enough to buy the Boss and the F-150 to tow it home. While I'm not into trailer queens, a car that cool and valuable shouldn't be driven cross country where it could be destroyed by some soccer mom in an SUV or some ricer in a Civic trying to act the fool.