Friday, October 07, 2005

Confirmed Avanti's model lineup all Ford powered

The new Avanti sport coupe and convertible are both Ford powered. The base model uses the 4.0L V6 from the Mustang and Ranger making 210 hp and the uplevel model is powered by the Mustang's 3V 4.6L V8 making 300 hp. Styling is similar to the original Studebaker Avanti from 1963, but to my eye has lost some of the artistic touches that made the original so desirable. The Avanti and Avanti II were built from original Studebaker tooling, but that's not true here, it looks like a Mustang with a body kit. It is an improvement over the last version of the Avanti that was available (basically a Firebird with a body kit) because now it's Ford powered.

The origianl Avanti was a truly revolutionary design, from a company not really known to many today. But Studebaker had a history of interesting cars such as the Hawks (Gold and Silver) and Larks. And Studebaker was not afraid to offer Paxton superchargers on many of these including the Avanti. So I wonder if you can get a supercharger on the new on? Interesting Ford powered car, check the specs on their site;

In addition to the Avanti sports coupe, there are two Hummer look alikes based on Ford F-250 chassis bearing both the Studebaker and Avanti names. I recall that the original prototype sparked a lawsuit from GM because it looked too much like the Hummer. But doesn't the Hummer itself bear a striking resemblance to the Lamborghini LM002 from the 80's ?My father before he passed away was often telling me that "there are no original ideas anymore, everything is a rehash of what's already come out." He was referring to movies and TV shows, but his words have weight when it comes to automotive design as well. Here we have a close copy to a hummer (but not close enough for litigation) based on a Ford F-250. Check out the specs on their site;


Dotty Gale said...

The torque on the powerstroke turbodiesel is sick! Twist your drive shaft into a pretzle.

Big Ford Fan said...

Gotta love that Ford motor !

Anonymous said...

Ford suspended, too. Take a look at the suspension specs - this is a 2005 Mustang underneath.
But, oddly, still has a cambird windshield and probably most of the chassis wiring. This was entirely a gm-based car a year ago.

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, you're probalby right, I had noticed the specs seemed the same as the Mustang. Avanti is a fiberglass body, utilizing sourced chassis and has been since the late 80's or early 90's. I know that the AVX was a Firebird with a fiberglass nose.

If they are still using the Camaro/Firebird windshield, how long can that continue? Now that the F body is out of production.

Dotty Gale said...

That picture is of a 2005 Avanti. I don't think they've released a picture of the Ford Avanti yet.

Big Ford Fan said...

DG, you may be right, but I took this from their website and it was under a link for the 2006 Avanti.
So if there is a mistake, it's not mine. But you are more up on Avanti than I, so I'll let you get back to me with a pic of a 2006.