Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear drives the now dead MG SV which is Ford powered and he loves it, despite poor quality

In a shamefully biased review Jeremy Clarkson drives the MG SV, the now defunct british manufacturer's attempt at a supercar. Even though the Engine Mr Clarkson praises is the Mustang 4.6, he goes on about how powerful it is. This despite a transmission that he had problems getting in and out of third gear and build quality that he admits is laughable.
The MG SV is a "British Supercar" according to Mr Clarkson.

Funny, to me it's an ugly shoddily built car with a great Ford Engine.


Ben K said...

For what it's worth - the MG is actually based on the Qvale Mangusta which was a US design:

Big Ford Fan said...

And the Qvale Mangusta is another ugly Ford powered car, that I have posted on in past