Monday, October 10, 2005

Lincoln Mustang?

Ok, here we go again, the picture above is a photoshop image from a frequent contributor to BlueOvalNews Fud. It's an imagining of what a Lincoln version of the Mustang might look like. While I like it better than the God awful Mercury Messenger, I have to ask "Does Lincoln need a Mustang clone?" Well according to what I've read online today they seem to think they do. AutoWeek reports and I found the story on several website (sorry don't know who to Hat Tip on this one) today. Ford is thinking of bringing out a Lincoln Sport Coupe based on the Mustang.
Don't get me wrong, I love the Mustang for what it is, a fun sporty coupe or convertible with raw power and retro styling. It knocked the wind out of me when I first saw it. I have shared my intention of buying one (when funds allow) here before, so my issue is not with the stang.
Although it's solid rear axle will be a hard hurdle to overcome when compared to foreign competition. Even though Mustang handling and ride comfort is fine, an IRS would make a Lincoln Coupe an easier sell.

But if Lincoln is going to build a rear wheel drive coupe and hope to compete with the likes of Lexus, Infinity and laughably BMW and Mercedes, shouldn't they use the LS platform? I mean, it already has the IRS that a Lincoln would need to compete. If you go to Jeff Fisher's web site, you can see that he's extensively compared the Mustang and LS chassis and explains the major differnces. The LS's major flaw was a lack of competative power. Now I've said it before, the 4.0L V8 from the LS has been made more powerfull for Jaguar and Rover, why not for Lincoln? Supercharged versions make about 400 hp. Or if you want to put the 4.6 V8 from the Mustang, you'll need to supercharge it as well, considering the competition. 300 hp may not be enough for this class of car.
And if Lincoln (Ford) really wants to create some buzz, build a coupe and convertible. Use styling cues from this concept to distinguish the new car from the source chassis (Mustang or LS) and don't let dealers put premiums on the prices. Don't just put out a Lincoln Mustang, like the Mercury Capri from the 80's. This beauty has style, and retro cues without being dated. Make it a real 4 seater also. People who buy Lincolns want a usable backseat.
This is the last thing anyone needs to see, another pathetic example of badge engineering. The Mercury Messenger is just plain ugly. Hasn't Ford learned anything from GM's mistakes? Oh that's right, they haven't or else they wouldn't have released the Mark LT. I feel like George Castanza's father from Seinfeld "Serenity now!!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am a littles stunned. I usualy agree with you, but feel your are unfair in your assesment of the Mercury Messenger and possible Lincoln Clone. Just the fact that Ford is considering a Rwd platform is amazing. Yes an IRS would be ideal and more power is always great, but V8 Rwd coupe would get Me looking at a Non Mustang Ford . Hell give me a New LS with more power. I'll take what I can get . Not to be Polliannaish ( is that a word? ) but , at this point besides the Mustang there is no Ford product I would consider. These new offerings apeal to Me more then the Mustang because they are not Mustangs. Yes, rebadged and Hopefully upmarket more mature. Yes this coming from the Guy that drives a Dodge Magnum RT.

I guess the truth is since Both of my Brothers have had Mustangs , I never wanted one. I wanted the Other car ( Rx7, Magnum , Miata, Diffrent) and a Mercury or LIncoln would be My choice.


Dotty Gale said...

Is those headlights on the Mercury supposed to harken us back to the time of hidaway headlights?

I like old school better.

Shawn said...

I don't think it will look that similiar to the Mustang. I think they're only using the basic will have new sheet metal and look to it.

Big Ford Fan said...

MM, my assesment of the Mercury Messenger is my opinion and you know what they say, everyone has one. My thinking is this, if a Lincoln clone of the Mustang comes to market, it's going to be priced much higher, probably in mid 30's and at that price point, competing with the foreign brands, it's going to need a level of sophistication that the Mustang doesn't need at it's price point.

I'm not saying they shouldn't do it, I'm saying that if it's done do it right. Not just a rebadged Mustang, but an upgrade, othewise you cheapen both cars.

A Lincoln Sports Coupe, will need to have the availability of certain options not found on Mustand, such as DVD Navigation system and Moonroof. An IRS would be a necessary item at this price point also.

Since the Mustang and LS share common lineage of design, it matters not to me which is used, both are good chassis.

But if Lincoln is going to bring such a car to market, it can't be a half hearted effort. Not with the competition both domestic and foreign being so strong.

As for your prefference, I admire the spirit of individuality you have, it's not always desirable to just follow the crowd. I know that you had shopped for a Lincoln LS a few years ago, and that a coupe from Lincoln would be appealing to you, all the more reason you should agree with some of the points I raise.

Dotty, I don't know what they were thinking of with the Messenger, I think it's just butt ugly.

Shawn, I'm sure they will want to differentiate the new car from the Mustang and hope that they would use styling cues from the roadster concept that I have posted on.

I'm not against a Lincoln sports coupe, I'm against a half assed job.

Dave. T said...

I say bring that ford Iosis concept to the US as a Lincoln. that would be hot. And give the brand something really different fromt he rest of the trio of rebadge jobs.

Dotty Gale said...

Andy Rooney Mode

Whyizzit that drawings of the car of the future looks like it's melted?

/Andy Rooney Mode

Big Ford Fan said...

Dave, you may have something there. The Iosis would be a great Lincoln. But it's a four door, and Lincoln could use a cool two door.

My fear is that if you make it a two door, it will look like the Messenger. And that's ugly.

Dotty Gale, you have a point, but since Motor Trend charges a fee to see their future cars page now, I'll have to take your word for it.I refuse to pay for what used to be free. Motor Trend not one of my favorite magazines. Try checking MPH Online, their site is better.

Dave. T said...

Yes but the Iosis is a 4-door like the RX-8 is a 4-door or the Mercedes CLS is a 4-door. that layout is actually perferred these days. Buyers really don't want coupes outside the mustangs of the world. The Iosis would kill. It will never come here though because it is too good for ford.

Although they built that cool MPV over in europe after its concept debuted...

I think if ford wants to get out of tis slump it should bring the upmarket european cars here as their other brands especially lincoln

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dave, bring the european Fords here as either Lincolns or Mercury's. and ,yes 4dr coupe styling with real 4 seat is my choice. MM

Anonymous said...

If u acttually look at licoln past they have had a car that been compeive with Mercedes and BMW. In 1984 Lincoln Made The Mark VII which was the same exact year that the fox body ford mustang was made. In 1988 Lincoln made the Mark VII even stronger with add horse power. It also one of the first car with ABS and Air ride systems in America oh and did i mention the engine was a 5.0l 302 HO. The same exact engine put in the 5.0 Fox Body Mustang. The Mark VII is also A 2dr Coupe. Its Been said to be a A Mustang GT in a Tuxedo.