Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dog ate my homework

OK, I know no posts so far today, well I have a valid excuse, I really do.
My dog (Blogger) ate my homework. Really, don't laugh it happened.

I spent almost an hour posting pictures and typing and editing text, and when I went to save it, it was wiped out. I tried to "recover post" but only got about a quarter of what I had prepared.
So it all had to be redone and will be up soon. Bad Blogger, Bad!

Now to add insult to injury Blogger has designated my blog as a "Spam Blog" and I have to use word verification to post. Something to do with the fact that I post links to the same sites with some regularity. I need a break.


Racedriven said...

Dog ate my homework! Good Title.

But its true, I have had the same thing happen to a couple of times, no joking, I use blogger too, try using notepad, wordpad or Microsoft Word to type up most of the copy, then copy-paste it into the blogger post and then edit it, if you lose it, you have some left to try again. Good Luck

Shawn said...

That happened to me many, many years ago while was typing up my English finals paper. The power flickered on and off...the computer rebooted, and the whole thing got killed.

At least I had my notes to work off the paper for 12 straight hours.