Thursday, October 20, 2005

MPH comparison of Mustang GTO and Charger RT from August, and what if the Falcon GT had been thrown into the mix?

I was reading the latest issue of MPH today and they had an article about Chryslers new Dodge Charger SRT8. So I went onto their website to see if I could find a link to this article and discuss it here and found an article from August that was even better. A classic Big 3 shootout. They compared the Mustang GT to the Charger RT and Pontiac GTO. Interesting read, click the link above, but to summarize briefly, they declared the GTO the winner.

The Mustang was criticized for rough ride and handling because it's the only one of the three without IRS. But the Mustang was praised for styling and utility somewhat. Even though it's got the smallest engine and lowest rated horsepower it faired well.
They loved the Chargers handling and comfort (I guess it's not bad for last gen E Class Mercedes) and loved the interior comfort and utility. No surprise for the only 4 door in group.
They beat up on the GTO for it's looks and lack of any utility, but praised it's beastly power and declared it the winner in the neo muscle car shootout. Funny that the winner is the only one not even built in the US. But the GTO's 400 hp and IRS go a long way in helping overlook the bland styling and useless backseat and trunk.
The GTO is going to have some real competition from the new Charger SRT8 with it's 425 hp and better utility.

But available to Ford is another contender in the Australian Ford Falcon GT. This could give both the GTO and SRT8 a run for their money and do it with real style. MPH talks about the SRT8's Brembo brakes, well this Falcon has them too, as well as an IRS and enough luxury apointments like moonroof and DVD navigation too.

Ford wake up! Not everyone wants a 500, some of us want excitement.


Dotty Gale said...

The Charger has too many doors!

Anonymous said...

The LX platform derived off of the last gen E class merc is a far superior platform then offered from either Ford or GM. The Charger has near 50/50 weight distribution and impressive handling for a 4000 + lb car.

Ford must compete , Let us have the 427 concept. give us a 21st century platform that can not only compete with the LX but surpass it. Ford has the know how, now give us the product.