Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another reason for new Bronco/EcoSport

The Nissan Cube mini mpv, like the Scion and Honda Element, are aimed at the youth market. What does Ford have to compete with these and soon to arrive Chinese competitors?

I don't care if you call it Bronco, Bronco II, Bronco III or Lassie for christ's sake, bring it here.

With the price of gas "normalizing" just below $3 a gallon for regular, and likely to rise again soon, and the wave of smaller mpv and mini utes coming, Ford needs to do something quick. It's no longer acceptable to be playing catch up. Bill Ford recently talked about being inovative. Well that's all fine and good, but the fact is that Ford too often comes late to the party with new trends. The one exception could be the Hybrid Escape. But Ford needs to expand that powertrain and technology to the FreeStar, Fusion, Focus and their Mercury twins. Ford also needs to get it's ducks in a row and bring this mini ute here to the US.


Anonymous said...

I have seen an EcoSport manufacturer plate running around Metro Detroit (Dearborn/Livonia). I think they are thinking seriously about it.

Big Ford Fan said...

Thanks for letting us know. I know I may be overstating the importance of this model slightly, but still feel it's important for Ford to have a competative model in most segments. Especially this trend downward in size and price for mini utes.