Saturday, October 08, 2005

Studebaker, further info

For those readers who are interested, in researching the Avanti/Ford connection, I found two web sites, one for Avanti Motor Corp and the other for Studebaker Motor Corp.

I had assumed this was a mistake, but after contacting Studebaker, I was informed that they are separate companies. Now Studebaker at this time is only manufacturing motorcycles, but they do have plans in the near future to offer a sports coupe ( unnamed as of yet) and a sports utility vehicle, both will have the Studebaker name and be Ford powered.

I was further informed that while these vehicles would use Ford powertrains, they would have new chassis designed in house. I look forward to hearing more about these new models when they are announced. But one question arises, Avanti uses the Studebaker name on their Hummer clone, will they be forced to rename it? Will there be legal action? When I know, you will.


Dotty Gale said...

The original Studebaker name belongs to a leasing company that's owned by a bank in Jericho Long Island.

Well, at least they think so.

Dotty Gale said...

Oh, I neglected to mention, the "Studebaker Motor Company" spokesman is illiterate and the link to pictures on their site is well, broken. They have nothing but folie de grandeur.

Big Ford Fan said...

So if the name belongs to the leasing company, then how can Studebaker Motor Company us the name and the updated logo?

I don't doubt you, but there seems to potential for litigation from several parties here.

And you thought I would never post about Studebaker. But now, with the Ford powertrains and the questions raised as to name and logo, it looks like I may be following this train of thought farther.

Dotty Gale said...

The "Studebaker Motor Company" isn't anything but a web site. Although representing themselves as Studebaker without the permission of Studebaker-Worthington, I doubt they are even aware of these pretenders since their business is now focused on leasing. If they ever produce a car, I think Ford/GM/Chrysler would be on them like white on rice.

Big Ford Fan said...

Well I've contacted all three companies, asking for information on the name issue as well as future plans for product from Studebaker Motor Company.

It sounds like they're coming out with an Avanti competitor, wonder what they'll call it. Maybe they'll try and revive the Hawk name?

Dotty Gale said...

"It sounds like they're coming out with an Avanti competitor, wonder what they'll call it. Maybe they'll try and revive the Hawk name?"

Amanti? Ooooo, I made a funny :)