Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ford Territory question answered

OK, a reader asked for more information on the Territory, primarily what engine options are available. So I checked Ford of Australia's site and found that the Territory is available with only one engine at this point, the Barra 182 inline 6. Now that's a 4.2 L I6 making about 243 hp. Like the freestyle in the US, the Territory is not available with a manual transmision and the one engine. The Territory comes either Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive.

Now, keep in mind that the Territory is based on the Falcon which has big power available and at some point Ford Australia may offer either the Turbo 6 or 5.4L DOHC V-8 in this. They offer both in their Falcon UTE.

Check Ford Australia's site at the link above to see for yourself.

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Debo said...

Since this article was written, Ford Australia HAVE released the Ford Territory with 270Kw Turbo Inline Six. Only available in the Ghia (top of the range) model with a 6 speed auto and LSD. Goes well!