Saturday, May 28, 2005

taking today off, Happy Memorial Day weekend, God Bless the USA

OK I'm taking the day off from my blog, and like many of you going to a party, so no new posts today, and doubtfull for the rest of the weekend.

As a follow up to the video hosting test, I was not happy with the quality of the video upon playback from the website. I know the quality of the VHS tape is good and when I transfer the footage to my computer it seems fine, not much degradation of picture quality. But it must be the compresion when it's downloaded, because everything looks washed out and too bright.

It was a learning experience, like much of this blog is. My goals with this blog are to learn how to do more with my computer and improve my typing skills, while doing all of this for free. That means finding a site to host the blog for free (thank you Blogger/Google) and a service to upload and host the pictures (Picasa/Hello) and to host video if needed (

I've also found resources for assistance with math ( and translation of foreign language websites(AltaVista/Babelfish.) So I'm reaching my goals without any investment of cash and having a lot of fun learning more about Ford and it's partners.

An unexpected bonus was the responses (mostly posative) of people who stumbled onto my blog and the itneraction with other bloggers who have been very kind and helpful.

If anyone who reads this thinks they want to, but don't know how, think again. If a 40 year old Boiler Operator with no background in computers and little experience with the Internet can do it, so can you.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend and remember out Military personell past present and future that make this all possible. Also take some time to remember our Fire and Police officers here at home. May God bless America and keep us all safe and sound.

aka BigFordFan

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