Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pimp or Ho?

Can I be bought? Would I compromise my principals for personal gain?

Hell Yes! I'll take any one of these three lovely Mustangs in Windveil Blue!

CarPundit hilights an article on Bloggers who advertise overtly or discreetly on their blogs.
The one fella who only got paid $5 for his mentioning a service was comical. For my own part, I don't intentionally advertise any product or service on my blog. I have mentioned and linked to commercial sites if they interest me or I feel my readers may appreciate the heads up.

But Blogger has the option for sites like mine to put up banner ads and links to make a proffit.
These ads are supposed to increase traffic on a site also, which God knows I could use some traffic on here, but I did not opt for that. I felt that if people were going to read my ramblings, I would not additionally anoy them with pop up ads, banners or outright shilling for products or services.

Now if Ford wanted to donate a new Mustang to my cause I wouldn't turn them down, but $5?

I know this is a bit off topic for me, but I got a kick out of it and thought you may want to check it out. Click the link in the header to see CarPundit's article and the links there.

BigFordFan ;)


carpundit said...


I don't think you should settle for anything less than a GT40.


Big Ford Fan said...

I don't know if I could hold out for a GT, but if they offer it, I wouldn't say no.

At least I won't settle for a Focus.