Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Australian Ford Falcon GT and Ute versioin.

If I have to explain this one in detail, then you're not a real car guy. The Australian Falcon/Fairmont has been an evolution starting in the early 70's when Ford discontinued the Falcon platform in the US, the Australian Engineers did not want to adopt the new Fairlane/Torino chassis and after making their case to Ford corporate in Dearborn were given the green light to develop a locally designed alternative. The rest as they say is history. Now 30 years later Ford of Australia has evolved their car into the versatile competant and exciting car pictured here. The range of cars built off this chassis include long wheelbase sedans with luxury to compare with the best of Europe and and a Freestyle type crossover SUV called the Territory, as well as a Utility body or UTE.

All have a base 4.2l I-6 making 240hp and there are optional powertrains going up to 500 hp including a 5.4l supercharged V-8. Also this chassis uses a new IRS called Control Blade which can handle all of that power and supply handling and comfort.

This one's a no brainer kids. I know it would cost money to Federalize this chassis for emissions and safety, but it's got to be cheaper than designing a new chassis. I'm not saying, import the car from Australia, build it here at the plants building Panther platforms.


Ben Kraal said...

I'm pretty sure the Falcon doesn't come with a supercharged V8 from the factory. Turbo 6, yes.

There are, of course, a number of aftermarket companies that will gladly S/C your XR8 or FPV GT :)

Big Ford Fan said...

Ben I will defer to your local knowledge, it may have been an aftermarket conversion. But the point still stands that the FPV Typhoon and Tornado Turbo 6 and any combination of V-8 don't overpower the Control Blade IRS.

Ben Kraal said...


is "overpowering IRS" a common criticism of US Fords, or of IRS in general in the 'States? Haven't Corvette's had IRS for years? BMW M5s? Mercedes E55s?