Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mustang my way

OK now I know how my Mustang should be, but Ford doesn't offer it this way.
I want my 06 coupe to be a GT painted the Bullit green with the argent five spoke Bullit wheels in 18" and I want the grille, fog lights and running horse badges from the V-6 Pony package. Spoiler delete with the black leather interior and the Interior upgrade package. The Mach 500 stereo will do fine.

First thing to get modified will be the exhaust, probably a Magna Flow or Flowmaster. I'll have to check with Joe Z on which is better. With the new exhaust I'll have to have dual chrome or stainless tips coming through the rear valance. I'm thinking a medium tint on the windows too.

Too bad, Ford doesn't offer a power moonroof, maybe I'll have to find an aftermarket alternative. Joe and I saw a vendor selling a glass roof when we were in Carlisle. I'll have to find a picture of that and a link to post.

In the future a supercharger would need to be installed, but I can live with 300 horsepower for a while. Now what I need is someone that knows how to photoshop the picture I posted of the tungsten pony below to reflect my dreams.

Heatwave is coming to an end, look for more posts soon,


Anonymous said...

sounds nice, can't wait to see it.

Midnight Magnum

You know. said...

Midnight Magnum,it doesn't exist. You can wait all you want.

Big Ford Fan. Sunroof? What car are you building? A Lincoln. Either go for the coupe or convertible, don't butcher a great car. Stop dreaming, finacing is good, car is waiting, road is ready!

Y.K. said...

Ps, Saw the Supercharged Saleen in person, in Blue. Car is awesome! Might be in my driveway next summer. $52k is a little steep just yet for my wallet. Have to hope for a lot of snowplowing this winter to cover it.

Big Ford Fan said...

You Know, I know it doesn't exist, that's why it's a dream. But to be realistic, I could put the grille, fog lamps and pony badges on myself and have the car painted after I take delivery. Weirder things have happened. Although I probably will just get a Windveil Blue GT, the grille and fog lamps are not a difficult swap. I just put the stock pieces in a box in the basement and put them back on in a few years if I sell it.

And what's wrong with a sunroof?
I don't have a garage to put it in and a lot of trees that drop stuff all over. My best friend has a convertbile and the tops can get ruined from tree sap. I've had other cars with sunroofs, they're fine. Besides, that's one of the great things about Mustangs, people personalize them. If I can afford it, I will do exaclty that.
Wait until I post the pictures and link of the glass top I saw at Carlisle. It's not cheesy at all.

I have to dream for now, but hope to get my Mustang next spring. I have to finish paying for some home renovations and clear out some debt before I get into another monthly payment.

Then maybe a year after driving the stock 300 hp, it's time for flowmasters and supercharger. Since I don't plan on ever selling the car, I don't have to worry about resale or keeping it stock.

I wish you luck in getting your Saleen, I can't dream in that price range myself. Tell me more about your dream car please.

It's called MyFordDreams, because that's what they are:)

Big Ford Fan said...

Further thoughts on Moonroof as oposed to Convertible. If I get a convertible, then I may have to put a rollbar in if I put on the supercharger.

With a hardtop the rules at the track are different. And since I don't see myself racing that often, a rollbar would be a pain in the neck. I used to run my Mustang notchback down the quarter mile without any problems. While convertibles running faster than a certain bracket need the rollbar.