Monday, June 20, 2005

Ford Employee X-Plan discouts

X-plan guidelines and information;

Everyone has heard about General Motor's much publicized "Employee Discount for Everyone"
GM is spending big bucks to promote the program and the dealers are seeing some additional traffic as a result. Well Ford is hoping to accomplish similar results in a slightly different way.
In what I liken to a "Grass roots" effort, Ford has issed memos to it's empoyees and retirees offering them a spiff or bonus for each car sold using one of their employee X-Plan PINs .

One very generous reader has offered me the use of their PIN and I may take them up on it.
Now the pin being offered is for a percentage off of "Invoice" price, so haggling is non existant.
But you are guaranteed a price lower than you could have achieved that way.

For more info on the plan visit BlueOvalNews and when there, check the forum where employees are offering their pins. Now the rules forbid Ford Employees from selling these PINs or accepting gifts and there is a risk associated for the employee. So if you aren't serious don't ask for the PIN. This is a rare opportunity so if it is something that appeals to you look into it.
The PINs are limited to around 8 per employee and their are 300,000 employees so if Ford gets one sale from each employee it could drive up their market share by 1% and that's a big deal.

These employees are not obligated to give you the PIN, so if you are fortunate enough to participate, be polite and greatful. The employee's get a small bonus that could total up to a $1000 if they hand out all of their PINs and they result in sales. When you think about it that's not a lot of money.

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