Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First post on Carlisle weekend

Under cloudy skies it began. The rain made us wet, but couldn't dampen our spirits. Mid day on day one, Joe Z parked his 96 Cobra in the area designated and we watched a parade of unique Fords from all over North America roll in. Our spot couldn't have been better, right up against the access road across from the area where participants washed the road from their precious rides. It misted rain the entire day, but we didn't care, and neither did the thousands of other Ford Fanatics who showed up. On the ride down we met one young lady from Massachusets with a modified 89 T'Bird. At our hotel, we met a large contingent of French Canadians from Quebec, who have been making the trip for over 10 years. More details and pics to come, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

great job with all the great stories and pics , keep them coming.

Midnight Magnum