Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Birthplace of Ford Model T almost lost in fire

The birthplace of greatness, nearly lost forever. The factory in Detroit where Henry Ford designed and built the first Model T. Click the link to the news article. I found out about this on AutoProphet last night.

AutoProphet has updated me, letting me know that the Model T plant survived, but the Studebaker plant was lost.


The Auto Prophet said...

Negative, BFF. The Pipuette Ave. Studebaker plant was destroyed. Model T plant is still standing, it was one block over, and was protected by DFD ladder trucks hosing it with water.

Big Ford Fan said...

Auto Prophet, thanks for the correction. I had read the news article and missed that detail.

I hope the group working in the building can complete the renovations and get the museum open. I'd love to visit one day.
Make another pilgrimage to Detroit and Dearborn, see Fairlane and the River Rouge plant.