Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's see the loonies boycotting Ford

I've never been much for posting on "social" issues, I'm a simple guy, work my 40+ hours a week, pay my taxes and take care of my property. Yesterday, I posted a few choice words about the "Christian" group AFA and their boycott of Ford. Some of my language was a little coarse and to anyone who may have been offended I'm sorry. But in truth there is not much "Christian" about these people.

I did a little checking online and found that Ford's charitable contributions to "Gay" organizations was not that far off other corporations and as the AutoProphet points out, is only a fraction of what Ford gives to more traditional charitable organizations. What surprised me, is that GM does more marketing towards the Gay community than ford, especially their Saab and Saturn brands. And Subaru is a much more active marketer when it comes to the Gay community. So why single out Ford.
These idiots praised WalMart one day for charitable contributions and the next urged a boycott after Walmart allowed a Gay employee group to be formed. They apparently boycott so many companies that they can't keep track, check this MSNBC article

Go here to email Ford and show your support-

My final words on the subject will be this; "GET A LIFE YOU FASCIST A##HOLES"

Hey I tried to be mature, but I couldn't resist :)

Update, thanks to the Editor; click the link for BoycottAFA;


the editor said...

they arent just loonies they arent nice

Anonymous said...

Is this a website about Fords or a personal sounding board about politics? I don't care what people's politics are, I care about cars. Why not keep the focus on Ford cars and leave politics out of this otherwise decent website. If I wanted to debate gay lifestyles, I wouldn't be on a Ford website of any kind. Give us simple car guys, gay and straight, a break.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, car girls too.

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, this is a site, where I express my viewpoints on Ford related topics. That means that when a national group boycotts Ford, I comment on it. I would mention it if they were boycotting Ford for Environmental issues or political issues also.

Here the focus is always on Ford, related products and issues.
I just returned from the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA and have some pictures and stories about the 3 day event. Keep checking and I hope to have that all posted by the end of the week.

Be patient and I'll be back soon with more cars.

TommyO said...

big ford fan, well put. Social issues relate to the auto idustry greater than we can see at face value. Public opinion has killed more than one decent line of cars in the last several decades. Don't believe me? Edsel, Corvair, Pinto. All cars that had problems, but they weren't as bad as popular opinion made them and they are all gone. I don't believe in favoring one group over another for any reason, but I am totally against discriminating against anyone, or group, for any reason. I have no tolerance for narrow minded people. That is unless of course, you are a Chevy fan or drive a Mopar! Keep up the good work bro!