Monday, June 27, 2005

One of 3 Crossover SUV's that Ford may pull off the Mazda 6 platform, the Lincoln Aviator.
This one looks like it could be a home run for Ford, but it may need more than the 250 hp to really compete with the likes of Lexus. Hell even the Honda Pilot has 255 hp.

I love the styling and size of this model. Based on the new Mazda Crossport (Mazda 6 mechanicals) this truck will only lack power. No amount of bargain pricing will fix that.
Ford needs to work on this before bringing it to market, find another 50 or 75 horsepower.

Ford needs to bring Lincoln back up to speed so to speak, make it more competitive with Cadillac, Chrysler, Acura, Lexus and Infinity. Then maybe they can take a shot at BMW and Audi.

Mercury is a lost cause, it's only purpose is to give Lincoln entry level cars. Just rebadged Ford models with stupid "waterfall" grills. Ford should rethink Mercury altogether. Make it more competitive with youth oriented brands like Scion, Saturn and maybe even low priced German imports like VW and Audi. Start bringing some of the European Ford models over as Mercury not Merkur. And loose the waterfall grill.

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