Monday, May 02, 2005

One of my Favorite Fords, the 1972 LTD

LTD Convertible

I know that it's big and some may not like it, but this style of LTD has always been my favorite, the beaked cars of 71 & 72. I remember the old Burt Reynolds movies "White Lightning" and "Gator" fondly and the LTDs that he had. A staple of Quinn Martin produced TV shows also. When they changed to a squared off LTD in 73 I missed the sculpted sides of this model.

One day, I hope to find one in good shape at a fair price.


boomar2 said...

Nice job Joe! Only Texans would by that Zimmer 4 door convt. Hideous. At least the ugly hard top versions may keep one semi-anonymous but w/the top down everyone can see who the tasteless motherfucker behind the wheel is!
Why do we, the home of FoMoCo, get such lack luster and lifelessly designed vehicles and the Aussies, a continent of criminals and lunatics, get such stylish vehicles? Not fair!!

Big Ford Fan said...

I agree about the Zimmer,it is a bit over the top. Maybe Texas Oilmen or Pimps would want one, but not me.

As for exciting Fords being available around the world, that is a shame. You should check out some of the cars of Australia and South Africa, including the Siera XR8, with 5.0 power and the Perana Capri with V-8.

I'm not sure I would chime in with your comment on Australia, seeing how a great deal of the people down under are also from my homeland of Ireland. While it's true that Australia was a penal colony, I'm not sure about the Lunatics.

What we need here are the Falcon and Falcon Ute. V-8 power and IRS in a 4 door sedan or Ranchero type vehicle. Don't forget the Turbo 6 either!